LED: Sustainable only if one do it right

By the outstanding lifetime, the high efficiency with at the same time small current consumption and the waiver of mercury the LED lighting beats all other bulbs alternatives hands down.

However… LED is not LED!

Wrong constructions with bad temperature management do not only harm the light temperature and the luminous efficiency, its an extreme lifetime reduction of the light emitting diodes.

With many lights at the market the bulbs are not exchangeable, a serious constructional defect, which leads to raw material wasting and would have in the sense of the sustainability taboo to be.

Alleged savings with the lighting of administrative, sales, camp and production areas become so fast with superficial price decisions the very expensive pleasure: Tiredly and headache-troubled employees harm the productivity and substantially shorter life cycles of the bulbs make the alleged amortization destroyed.

LED of light systems of K + B lighting system like the new, professional lighting system KB Silverline.pro are not energy efficient only, they are also lasting in production, light management, maintenance and job ergonomics by homogeneous and flicker-free* lighting for office, meeting and production places. Our LED bulbs are after their long lifetime simply also a few handles exchangeable, both light as well as installation remain.

Expandable light management systems

With our intelligent, also expandable light management systems the energy efficiency and sustainability of our LED lights are increased additionally still clearly:

Presence sensor unit to the very precise light control for still more energy efficiency, also later integrable into existing KB SILVERLINE.PRO systems.

Our presence sensor units can be programmed by DALI or remote control and brought light accurately there, where it is needed. The perfect and energy-efficient solution for warehouses, corridors and stairways.

Just in time! Available now also for light

Steady light in only sporadically frequented divisions does not have to be. With our sophisticated electrical ballasts, sensors and light controls light scenarios can be defined and programmed precisely. Either central vision by DALI or with additional installation cost-efficiently directly at the system rails of the KB Silverline.pro – by remote control and/or presence alarm unit.

Thus also traffic sectors can be lit up such as corridors, stairways and storage halls meeting demand. Over presence alarm units our light systems react like the linear light KB SILVERLINE.PRO to people and vehicles and light up the distance and the place of residence –„to light immediately just in time “just.

If people or vehicles leave the just now lit up area again, scolded the system depending upon pre-defined attitude time near the lighting out or dimming it on a pre-defined emergency lighting.

With this intelligent, digital light control both the energy efficiency of the lighting can be increased as well as security in traffic and stock areas considerably.

These sensor modules to the light control meeting demand are perfectly into our light system integrated: They are manufactured, before-wired in the same slim aluminum housing and can be installed as a grid element simply, also later, between the KB Silverline.pro modules.

* rest flares by the alternating current frequency about 2%

Ergonomy of lighting
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