Light is not equal to light: Healthy light is the central element of ergonomic work place layout

To the ergonomically equipped job there is a variety at regulations. Apart from the adherence to the laws it concerns in the long run that the employees on their job can probably-feel and unfold so their full efficiency.

For the ergonomic organization of your office and industrialism places is bright, homogeneous, glare-free and individually adjustable light of central importance.

Conventional fluorescent tube

Incomplete color spectrum of a conventional fluorescent tube

Conventional fluorescent tube

Our LED modules

Harmonious color spectrum of our LED modules with 4000 k

Our LED modules

The fluorescent tubes usual within the professional range contain only very small, overemphasized cutouts the color spectrum in the ranges blue, green and yellow. Thus develops an unphysiological, incomplete color spectrum, which affected the hormonal balance. At the same time that, although usually unconsciously noticed, is 100-120 cycle per second-flares of usual fluorescent lamps, which is produced by the alternating voltage frequency by 50 and/or 60 cycles per second, a substantial stress factor.

Thus the mirror of the drive and stress hormone cortisol rises, while the body produces at the same time the reassuring hormone melatonin, which normally stimulates the sun only with sunset light. A hormonal contrast bath, which can have health following: as for example tiredness, concentration and metabolic disturbances.

The LED modules used by us offer a by far homogeneous color spectrum and increase already thereby the subjective well-being on the job. Improved light feeling and a significantly higher concentration after the re-equipment of fluorescent tubes on LED lighting were proven 2015 in a study of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF).

Healthy light depends always of the ingredients

Ingredients for the profile OD systems of K + B are both the outstanding quality the used LED as well as a know-how for many decades in electronics and control engineering.

Only high-quality LED in combination with a perfect a light construction and light control secure a homogeneous flash spectrum, the guaranteed lifetime of the bulbs and a flicker-free, glare-free and pleasant work light.

PWM Dimming

PWM Dimming

With the economical PWM dimming (pulse width modulation) the LED's are currently supplied with a constant full load. In order to be able to steer the brightness, the supply in consequence is switched fastly on and off, an effect which is noticed by our slow-acting eyes as dimming. This rarely detectable flickering causes health impairments.

Amplitudes dimming

Amplitudes dimming

The amplitude dimming used by us reduces the brightness the LED by reduction of the current supply and provides a flicker-free workspace lighting. For more well-being and security.

Different investigations occupy besides that from cost reasons with LED the PWM Dimmung frequently used to the individual light control and associated stroboscope-like flickering stress release lights ** and the health impairs. Although the flicker frequency lies usually outside of the conscious perception, can be headache, general indisposition, metabolic, co-ordination and sleep disturbances the result.

Alleged savings with the lighting of administrative, sales, camp and production areas become so fast with superficial price decisions the very expensive pleasure: Tiredly and headache-troubled employees harm the productivity.

We therefore exclusively work with similar dimming (amplitude dimming) and high-quality, technically developed electrical ballasts: Luminous intensity the LED is obtained so not by pulsating interruptions of circuit, but by linear change of the current amplitude of the forward current.

Thus our LED lighting systems homogeneous creates, flicker-free* work light over the entire lifetime of the bulbs and provides for the well-being, the efficiency and in the long run the security of its employees.

* Rest flares by the alternating current frequency with about 2%

** in an investigation of the University of Darmstadt the stroboscope effect of PWM gedimmten lights in office environment and its negative effects on concentration and co-ordination was proven (research association automotive engineering E.V., FAT series of publications 270, S.18, flicker effects of far interior lighting, research centre: Technical University of Darmstadt, field of activity illuminating engineering)

*** “LED macht Schule“ – Evaluation of the re-equipment of school lighting on LED in the context of the leading market initiative, study of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF), 2015, in co-operation with Institut for resources efficiency and energy strategies (IREES), Karlsruhe and the technical University of Darmstadt, field of activity illuminating engineering

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