KB SILVERLINE.PRO, the new professional LED lighting solution for your company

Easily, quickly, and safely mounted in every room situation

Our lighting system is well designed: the metal hangers are flexible and are simply clipped onto the aluminum body of the lamp - so the suspension is adjustable and facilitates the installation even in difficult room situations. The rails can be mounted directly on the ceiling or wall or over different quick assembly suspensions at any level. Our system terminals provide convenient power connection and through-wiring of the rails. The wiring is arranged in three phases - so that different lighting situations can be switchable. After the mounting of the body of the lamp and the professional through-wiring, the pre-assembled LED units are easily connected via connector with system rail and -finally clipped in with a cover by choice - clear glass, frosted glass, prismatic glass or optical lens. Ready.Light can be so beautiful, efficient, and upgradeable.

1. Screw the metal holder on the ceiling and lock the body of the lamp onto the holder or lock the metal holder on the body of the lamp and connect the suspensions with various quick assemblies.
2. The body parts are interlocked to form unlimited long, through-wired luminous bands and connected to the power supply line.
3. The LED units are simply connected via connector to the power supply.
4. Clipping the LED units and covers in the body. Ready.