The new professional LED lighting solution for your company

An elegant lighting system for all working and traffic areas of your company

With our new LED lighting system KB SILVERLINE.PRO, we cover all lighting requirements of your company: from management to production and storage, our system brings the required light intensity and color temperature in traffic areas and working places. It is elegant in design, thoughtfully designed, variable, easy to install and "Made in Germany".

  • Office lighting
  • Corridor and staircase lighting
  • Industrial and workplace lighting
  • Hall lighting

The right glass for every room situation:
Clear, prism or diffuse...

Light: there, where you need it and as much as you need

Conical surface measurement: KB SILVERLINE.PRO, 120 cm, clear cover, fully loaded.
Conical surface measurement: KB SILVERLINE.PRO, 120 cm, prism cover, fully loaded.
Conical surface measurement: KB SILVERLINE.PRO, 120 cm, diffuse transmission cover, fully loaded.

The KB SILVERLINE.PRO LED system achieves up to 160 lm/W light current per LED module. This means that you can cover all lighting requirements for your business with a single system and without expensive ballasts. The system is available in various color temperatures, different lighting packages from 150 to 400 mA and several lengths (in the 15 cm grid). The LED lights are dimmable and flexibly switchable through multi-phase wiring. If possible, only every second or third LED strips can be controlled via the light switch or the central control unit.

A single KB SILVERLINE.PRO LED strips with 8 Watt achieves the same light intensity as a conventional 100 watt light bulb. This protects not only the company’s accounts - lower power consumption is also highly ecological. For sustainability-oriented company, KB SILVERLINE.PRO is a must.

The various light packages combined with 3-phase wiring, light dimming and the use of different covers make every room and work situation of your business manageable. Different beam angle of our LED systems bring the light exactly where you need it.

  • Color index > 80 RA: for perfect colour reproduction
  • Homogeneous light for fatigue-free work
  • Up to 160 lm/W light current
  • 3000, 4000 or 5000 Kelvin
  • Modular grid system
  • Upgradeable at any time
  • Dimmable
  • Several beam angles
  • Different covers

In the green area:
fast amortization by BAFA funding* and energy efficiency. Protect our climate and save your business accounts. Sustainable!

We would be pleased to calculate your future energy savings free of charge and without obligation through the use of our KB SILVERLINE.PRO and we will let you know when your investment has paid off in a sustainable and powerful LED light system.

Amortization calculation

Amortization calculation
For your free and personalized amortization calculation, simply fill out the following form completely.
In order to get a realistic picture of your current lighting situation, we need the following information for the number of luminaires, power consumption, burning time and the illuminated surface:

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